Yell Less


No one's listening, the kids are acting like entitled brats, everyone's addicted to their devices? And you're at your wits' end and tired of yelling to be heard?

circleheadshotHi! I'm Deb Blum, Life/Parenting Coach and Educator.

I help parents like you get to the root of these problems and gain the skills and tools you need to stop yelling, bribing, and threatening so that you and your child can start connecting and thriving.

Maybe you try to control your kids’ behavior with rules and punishment. Because that’s what you grew up with. Because you’re worried your kids will be out of control if you’re too soft. Maybe you’ve tried other ways of more peaceful parenting, but sometimes you get pushed so far that you end up yelling or falling back into punishing, threats, or bribes.

You're totally not alone! Parenting is the ultimate test of a person’s patience!

Since we’re all human beings with feelings, I know we’re not going to stop feeling angry and kids aren’t going to always “do what we say when we say it.” (We wish, right?!)

But we CAN:

  • learn how to find that nanosecond between our kids’ annoying behavior and our reaction so we can catch ourselves before we “lose it” on them.
  • discover what our kids REALLY need from us in order to feel connected and close.
  • learn an alternative to punishing and threatening so that you can stop yelling AND the kids start listening!

You can be the parent you want to be. You can be the parent your child needs. You can help your child reach for the stars and build connections that will last a lifetime. Let’s get started: Learn 10 Ways to Yell Less and Connect More Today!